Art Is...

An exciting new musical

About the Film

Emily Beecham stars as Lulu, an up and coming painter standing on the brink of fame. As she careers towards her first solo exhibition, she struggles to deal with outside pressures distracting her from her work.

Success comes at a cost as Lulu battles her Father (Paul McGann) lying ill in a hospital nearby, her uncompromising filmmaker boyfriend Daly (Will Bliss), and her agent Simon (Sean McConaghy) who wants something from Lulu she's unable to give. Gary Kemp plays the mysterious Collector who only engages with the world through fine art and is desperate for one of Lulu’s works.

Art Is…. a unique musical feature film; from the makers of Godard & Others, Poppies and Voices from Afar.

thanks to each and every one of you

Because of you, we're now able to complete Art Is...

A huge thank you to everyone listed who contributed to the Art Is... Indiegogo Campaign. We'd also like to celebrate the 8 backers who preferred to stay anonymous — you have our thanks. We raised a grand total of $6,465 thanks to each and every one of you and can now complete the film. Your help is hugely appreciated, Barry and Beth.

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